Hi!👋 I am Markéta

I am a UX designer with background in graphic design and computer science. At the moment, I'm working as a product designer at PaintingVR, teaching a university course on XR design, and exploring spatial computing.

See some of my recent work below, read my stories on Medium, or contact me via LinkedIn.


UX Case Study

Terapie.cz — Innovating Psychotherapy

A web application that connects therapists and their clients

Bachelor Thesis & UX Case Study

User-Centered Map Visualization of Career Growth

Research of gamification in visualization design

Master Thesis

Teaching in Collaborative Virtual Reality
User Experience Optimization

Research on user experience of an educational VR application

Hackathon Case Study

KLIC — The Future of Inclusive Education

A case study of a service design project created at EduHack 2021

UX Case Study

Energy Guardians

Gamified employee onboarding


Interactive Installation

Just and Right

Exploring computer-mediated communication in the context of religion


Figma Community

Minimal Device Mockups

Easy to customize vector mockups

Available for free at Figma Community
Made by me


I am a designer originally from Czechia, currently living in Mechelen, Belgium.

I like to design. It can be apps, visual identities, services, you name it. My most recent work is focused on user experience, design systems, interactions, and XR interfaces. In my side-projects, I like to create digital art and immersive experiences: generative design, simple games, virtual reality, and Arduino projects. 

In my life beyond design, I love being around people. I like going to bars and raves. I like bouldering, hiking, traveling, and chatting with strangers. 

Oh, and I'm also into neuropsychology.


When I was eight, I wanted to be an illustrator. At the age of ten, I wished to be a designer of smartphones but they didn't exist back then so I would cut them out of paper and pretend they were real.

When I was fifteen, I wanted to study math and art, but I didn't know how to connect them. When I was seventeen, I started with graphic design and two years later I designed a new visual identity for my high school.

Then I went to study computer science — they offered a graphic design specialization and a lot of math. As a computer science student, I received formal training in programming and algorithmic thinking. As a graphic designer, I learned how to make appealing visuals and create strong concepts. 

In my graphic design projects, I would always spend a lot of time researching the market and the client’s needs. This user-centric approach to design turned out to be vital when I encountered HCI and switched to UX design. In the role of UX designer, I use my experience from graphic design along with my programming knowledge to help bridge the gap between users and developers and to contribute to more efficient teamwork. 


Hiking & Bouldering 🧗‍♀️

🌈 Digital Art & Creative Coding

☕️ Coffee & Chill ~ 🍻 Beer & Party